Debate on the Value of an MBA Continues

Very good article on LinkedIn recently that I personally think is spot-on, especially when it comes to being an entrepreneur.  The gist of the article is that you can learn skill sets while pursuing an MBA that will expand your mind and prepare you for many life lessons, but you can’t let an MBA define who you are — experience is what does that.

I used to have an academic job where I was almost encouraged to put “MBA” after my name on my business card.  I really balked at that (and didn’t do it).  To me, it said:  “hey, look at me.  I have an MBA and you don’t.”  Big whoop — and even more so, considering I was working with a bunch of PhDs who had a lot more academic education than I did, and industry people who really didn’t give a hoot!  All it takes is another year and a half at business school, which isn’t a very big investment in time or money in the scheme of life. 

The big investment comes with the skill sets you learn and applying those skills in real life situations, which always entails some level of risk.  Ultimately, it’s the outcomes of taking those risks and applying the skills that provide the real value of the investment (anyone will tell you that they learn more from their failures than they do from their successes). 

Some of the problem solving and relationship building skills we teach at UT’s College of Business, regardless of whether it’s undergrad or MBA classes, can be applied in multiple situations, whether in business or in life, in general.  How well you adopt and internalize those skills can mean the difference between success and failure, whether you complete an MBA or not! 

Read the article here.

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