Mr. Schultz

I love the Wall Street Journal. Call it what you will, but I find that the publication delivers me outstanding national and international coverage of key events in its “A” section. B and C offer the top business news, while D generally highlights lifestyle-centered topics.

What I found particularly comforting this past weekend was the “weekend confidential” post by Alexandra Wolfe. She did a superb write-up on Howard Schultz, focusing on his creative mindset. Where will he take Starbucks from here?

This inspiring entrepreneur has filled the pages of today’s business school textbooks and case studies, but no one truly knows what’s up Mr. Schultz’s sleeve. After all, no entrepreneur even knows what the landscape of the future will hold, much less how his/her vision plays into the greater economic and ecologic forces at hand.

Great visionaries do dwell among us, as well as make the world a better place. Ms. Wolfe highlights key features of Mr. Schultz as they sit in casual conversation, easily envisioned by the reader. Isn’t that what we all want, is a leader who is also comfortable discussing the weather as well as how to lead America’s largest coffee company? What kind of entrepreneur would you like to be?

I invite you to read the full article at:

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