Research Council Aims To Further Entrepreneurial Research Conducted At UT

The Anderson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ACEI) recently formed the ACEI Research Council in an effort to advance the quality and quantity of entrepreneurship and innovation research conducted at the University of Tennessee. The Research Council has four primary objectives:

  1. Advise the research director on policy matters relating to advancing the quality and quantity of UT generated research on entrepreneurship and innovation.
  2. Oversee the Anderson Center’s annual research proposal and paper competitions.
  3. Foster a climate supporting high quality, multidisciplinary research in entrepreneurship and innovation by hosting and participating in brown bag presentations and outside speakers relating to entrepreneurship and innovation.
  4. Host outside speakers on topics of interest to faculty and doctoral students. Each member of the Research Council is given the opportunity to host one speaker annually.

“The Research Council provides a mechanism to get the word out about the evidence-based research being conducted at UT which can help Tennessee entrepreneurial businesses succeed and grow,” said Rhonda Reger, ACEI director of research. “Our research has a positive impact on the Tennessee economy.”

The Research Council is comprised of eight faculty members from across UT’s Knoxville campus.

Members of the council are:

  • Rhonda Reger (Chair), ACEI director of research and professor of strategic management and entrepreneurship, Haslam College of Business
  • Neeraj Bharadwaj, assistant professor of marketing, Haslam College of Business
  • T. Russell Crook, associate professor of management, Haslam College of Business
  • Ramon DeGennaro, professor of banking and finance, Haslam College of Business
  • Brian Krumm, director of the UT Business Clinic and professor, College of Law.
  • Lee Martin, clinical professor, College of Engineering.
  • Charles Noble, Proffitt’s Professor of marketing and director of the UT Marketing Ph.D. Program, Haslam College of Business.
  • David Williams, assistant professor of entrepreneurship and strategic management, Haslam College of Business.

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